Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bad Days Sometimes Turn into the Best Days!

I almost cut my thumb off cutting carrots for slow cooker soup this morning. (I ended up just cutting ofF my fingernail..SHARP KNIFE!)

I found out a classmate who I let borrow my homework and notes dropped the course.

I put my new sheets of homework in a water puddle...in the BATHROOM!

I forgot to drink my coffee this morning, so I almost fell asleep, and couldn't pay attention.

etc etc.. the list goes on...BUT... sometimes bad days can turn in the best days.

I got a phone call today and I've been accepted to Mt. Mary in the fall! I'm beyond excited! Plus I get a 7500 grant because of my MATC GPA! Plus another 500 dollars when I finish my financial aid! I'm over the moon right now guys!



Fit Mom said...

A huge congrats to you!!!

Czesia said...

Thank you!!

Mollie said...

I am so so so excited for you! I know that is just what you needed to hear today!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Awesome news! Congratulations!

LynnieG said...

Congratulations! I'm from MKE and know what an accomplishment it is to get into Mt. Mary. You should be excited and proud!

Czesia said...

Thank you so much Lynnie!!!! I'm so so happy!