Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Packed Weekend!

I had a great time this weekend, but man am I burned out!

I spent all day Friday making 3 cakes, homemade buttercream frosting, hummus, mac and cheese, and a fruit salad. Plus making sure everything was set for the baby shower games! Yes that's what I was up to, getting ready to cohost a shower for my sister in law Andrea, and her fiancé Andy.

After all that cooking, I went to my cousins house (after a yummy margarita with both needed!) to start working on the cake! Here is the finished product...

We had a lot of fun making this cake. It's hard work though, fondant is not easy!

At the shower, we played three games. Guess who's baby picture is which party goer, guess the candy bar melted in the diaper!, and what do you think the baby's going to look like? These were a lot of fun! They don't know the sex of the baby, so I thought it was cute everyone thinks it's going to be a boy!

They came up with hilarious names, and pictures!


The diaper game was so funny!

We had a great time, and now I can focus on starting back to school on Wednesday! Plus getting back into a routine, I know my diet is going to rock when I'm at school. More structure means less time to snack! :) I'm counting down the last days of freedom!

How was your weekend?


Caity said...

1.) That cake looks AWESOME!
2.) She is one PRETTY prego lady!
3.) I just thought about how horrible the diaper game is (of guessing the poo)... there are so many chemicals in diapers! I HATE the smell of them! lol. They actually made Eva break out, so we had to switch her to all natural diapers.

Czesia said...

1. Thank you! By the time we were done we were covered in powdered sugar and collapsed on the floor!
2. Totally is! She gained nowhere but her belly! This is her third baby!
3. I didn't smell the diapers (too busy taking pictures!) I've never even changed a diaper before! I think I want to try cloth diapers?!?

Mollie said...

good job on the cake. they did one like that for my shower too, and I didn't want to cut the cake because it looked like a real baby so I made them take that part off...*cough*
sounds like a great weekend!!

Oh yah, I think you should make me some of your homemade hummus! yummo!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

The cake came out great! I have yet to work with fondant, but I love making cute cakes and cupcakes for my kids birthdays. I got most of my ideas from The first "baby" picture was scary- reminded me of Silence of the Lambs!!

SlimKatie said...

The cake looks amazing! The games you played sound like they were so much fun. Although the diaper game would totally gross me out! ;)

Amanda said...

Hahah, that diaper game is SO GROSS! My cousin had a game like that at her shower. :D

I'm very, very impressed with your cakework!!

Czesia said...

Mollie, your baby shower cake inspired the idea! It was so cute! I ended up having someone else cut the cake, because I really didn't want to after all that work!
Frickin Fabulous- fondant is really fun once you get the hang of it!
Katie, Amanda- Thank you so much! The diaper game was cracking me UP!