Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yummy HEALTHY Chicken Alfredo!

I had a really busy day today! It's not a school day for me so I spent most of my time running errands.

I made bacon, eggs, toast, and grapes for brunch (we never eat real breakfast because Marc and I work late).

I had turkey bacon and no toast while Nana and Marc had the real deal holyfield with toast and jam. I love these kinds of foods because I don't get criticized for not eating the bread, Nanushka loves her bread, I was proud that she ate two eggs and two pieces of toast! The Polish word for bread is Chelp (Hhlep).

After brunch, we decided to take Beanka on a walk in Bay View. Lake Michigan was so beautiful this morning, the sun was full and hot while and the air was cool and crisp. PERFECT! When we first got Beanka she was so scared of going for walks, but today was her best day yet! Barely any shaking, and she thought the whole 3 mile walk was too SLOW! There was one point that I even ran with her so she could go at her own pace. I never thought my little munchkin was such a exercise nut!

After our walk, and getting groceries, I decided I was in the mood for something creamy! With the diet I'm on I can have two servings of plain yogurt and day, with unlimited lean white meats and veggies. Last night I was thinking, why can't I make an alfredo sauce with yogurt? So I did! With the yogurt (2 cups), I added a tbsp of minced garlic, 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese, pepper, salt, and onion powder to taste. I made the "noodles" out of zucchini and cut up chicken breast into the sauce. At first, Marc was like "there is no way in hell I'm eating that", but once it was done he was like "Ok that looks really good, can I have some?" Yeah he's lucky I'm nice...dissing my food like that. He told me to tell you guys that the sauce sort of reminded him of Ranch dressing (and was super delicious!) but since I don't think I've eaten Ranch in my life, you'll have to take his word for it.

My mom comes it a week! I'm excited! Still a little nervous that she might have trouble getting on the plane since I bought the tickets, but the tickets have her information on it. I am just
going to have to pray about it, it makes me nervous! Of course, I'm not going to freak her out so I just mailed her all of the receipt information and told her to give it to the attendant while checking in.I just remember being asked to see the credit card used the last few times I've flown. What do you guys think?

I love my mom! The last time I saw my family was after my wedding in the first week of June, 2010! When was the last time you've seen your parents, what about siblings?


Mollie said...

hmm the last time I saw mine was on august 19th for my dad's birthday, but before that? months!! and I live 45 minutes away. I just feel so busy, ya know?

Czesia said...

OH I know! I think it is different when you live half way across the country, then it's easier to miss them!