Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

So it's official. Another weekend is over!! I must say this past one was pretty satisfying, except I think I spent too much money. I hate it when that happens. We run out of everything and I go and buy stuff and be completely freaked about how much I spent at one time. I was planning a party though for Saturday. We had our family over for Linner, or Dunch, what ever you call it.

I love it when my niece and nephew come over, but I think Beanka likes it even more! Look at her, little sweetie pie! She loves to be petted.

On the menu, we had hot dogs, hot wings, hot German potato salad, curried cauliflower salad, watermelon, chips and dip, and jalapeno poppers. But the best part was dessert (well for me it was seeing everyones faces when I brought dessert out! We had...

Cake Pops

and Smores on a stick.

Unfortunately, I was too excited to show it off then to snap its picture :( I served them like kabobs on a cake plate so it was fun. The cake was strawberry and I put rainbow sprinkles on the hardened chocolate, and the smores looked exactly the same...easy yet fun!

Earlier, before the party started, I was treated to facial! It was fun and incredibly relaxing. Sometimes I have a hard time suppressing giggles though. Especially when they say stuff like you're going on a sensory journey or something. I'm impressed with my sister in laws school though, I am glad she's learning how to do this so I can always ask for a facial for my birthday HA! My after facial face, and after party face!

I may have looked tired but there was one other person who seemed to be a bit more exhausted than I was.

Out like a light.

I've lost 4 pounds this week! What did you do this weekend? Have you ever had a facial?

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Mollie said...

I so need a facial! the food sounds sooo good! I bet you had a blast