Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New outfit

I bought a new outfit this weekend and now i'm thinking it'll have to wait until next summer!

it's freakin' cold here!

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and my meal plans are:
Zucchini Chicken "Alfredo" (using a yogurt recipe for the sauce!)
Turkey Meatloaf with veggies
Cauliflower "fried" rice
Parmesan breaded shrimp with green bean fries
Cauliflower crusted pizza

Did you notice there aren't very many carbs here? That's because I've been back on the 17 day diet and have gotten the same great results as last time. It helps to take the 17 days and kind of "reset" my mind and pallet!

I'm reading this book, and it's good.

I can't write, I can't use correct grammar...seriously I need a brain transplant.


1 comment:

SlimKatie said...

I'm a sucker for memoirs. I'll have to check that book out!

The outfit is cute! I bought a super cute top that I can't wear because it is VERY summery :(