Saturday, March 5, 2011


I got my braces tightened yesterday

attractive isn't it LOL!

Here is a little vloggie for you, I want to here your accents too! I'm going to try to get Marc to do this so we can compare my words with his!

I went shopping today! I LOVE WORLD MARKET! I had never been in there before an it was so hard for me to get OUT! Have you been there? If not, please make it a must do!
Here are some pictures of things I bought.

A window curtain that I made into a shower curtain! Regular shower curtains are too wide so I made this one for the shower by cutting the tops and making button holes since my shower rod doesn't come off.

This rug is hand woven and onle 14 dollars! Marc and I love this kind of thing.

If you know anything about me, you'll know I can't be without incense for too long. We just ran out of some lime, cherry, vanilla scents so I bought some old classics: Frankincense and Nag Champa (FAVE).

This basket is for picnics, but perfect for winter as well! It holds our salt for icy walkways. Please forgive the salty floor, it's my entry way before getting into the actual house so I don't think I'll be mopping it until spring hits this cold ass state (sometime in August...hahaha I kid, I kid).

BOOKS! I can't resist a good sale. Half Priced Books is an awesome store, all this for 28 dollars! They're my favorite kind too...a person's struggle through addiction, and self abusive behavior! Does this mean I should become a counselor? I'm really thinking about it.

I also got my eyebrows threaded today, which I started to talk about in the vlog before my camera wanted to shut down on me. I loved it, the look is exactly what I wanted but man it HURT! I think she did a little bit of voodoo magic on my lazy eyebrow. I can still see the laziness though HA!



Rayel said...

I LOOOVE your eyebrows!!!! The accent thing did show location of words....for example "sneakers" is more northern as "tennis shoes" is more often said in the south. BUT, I couldn't detect accent...think you were thinking about them too much hehe. When you're relaxed, tired, or pissed I can pick up on Southern Style, Wisconsin Waves, or Maine Madness! Love ya CheddarRay!

Mollie said...

Ok, so your accent video was funny. and very diverse I would say

World market is the best store, can't believe you had never been there before. I love all of the items there, but mostly for the candy from all over the world. so awesome!!!
I think I might do the threading now, I was wondering what it was all about! haha

Czeshia said...

I love you guys!! Mollie, let me know what you think about threading, did it hurt so much for you as it did for me??? Rayel, I really like this part "Southern Style, Wisconsin Waves, or Maine Madness" that made me LOL!