Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Weekend

Aww, it's past by so quickly!

Here is a breakdown of what we did :)

Friday was spent with Nana, and Marc's mom. It was really nice and warm out so me and my mother in law went out to Lake Michigan. It was windy when we got there but it was still nice just to be outside and feeling the sun. I made Smoky Roasted Potato Soup from the Everyday Food magazine.

It was actually really good, but not enough to fill us up. I don't think I would make this again because it was actually quite a long process. First roasting the veggies, then cutting, then soup process, then mashing soup..etc.

Later, Marc and I had a movie night. We watched the following:

I think it's kind of obvious which choice was mine and which ones were Marc's. I think it took two movies for him to fall into my trap of the last one! I needed something light and stupid after those first two depressing ones.

Saturday was actually pretty enjoyable. I got a bread maker from and made a couple loaves for the family. We could be saving upward of 300-450 dollars per year by me just baking the bread fresh. It's so easy, you just dump the ingredients in the pan and turn the machine on! While the bread was baking, Marc expressed to me his need for a bike. I was sick of hearing it (already haha) so we got him a 40 dollar Schwinn off of Craigslist.
It's actually pretty cool, but not as cool as my bike. glorious.

It was still a semi-nice day weather wise, so we went to the park and rode around until we froze to death, since the wind was biting.

We had plans to use up our coupon at Beer Belly's that night so we spent a bit more quality time with Nana watching The Edge and I made some Cheesy popcorn. Surprisingly, she loved it, which surprised me because it is so out of her realm of foods. It was this brand in case you're wondering.

Me, being a popcorn purist...I'm not a fan.

So after our movie and popcorn, Marc and I went on our date to the restaurant. We've been here before but man it's so good! We both had Blackened Grouper sandwiches and homemade French Fries! Marc's trying not to drink alcohol right now, so he stuck with Root Beer and I had an adult Shirley Temple since it was on special...delicious! Since we were under tab (had to spend 35 dollars, for 25 dollars off) for our meals, I just HAD to have the vanilla bean cheesecake which was FABULOUS! I should take pictures when we go out to eat! I keep forgetting my card at work, but I just stuck it in my pocket, so I wont forget! I really want to do that house tour for you guys soon, but man can I get some time alone??? It's hard! I'm hoping to do it tomorrow morning if I can get my butt in bed at a decent time tonight.

Anyway, back to our date. After dinner we went to the value cinema and saw Green Hornet! It was really good! The perfect mix of action and comedy...super cool! I especially liked how Seth Rogen looked! Is it weird that I think he's attractive?
In case you were wondering, we spent 24 dollars (that's with tip people!!) on dinner and 7.50 for the movies for a grand total of 31 dollars for dinner and a movie! I'm awesome LOL!

This morning was like the Twilight zone! It was sooo dark (because it has been raining all day), I thought my clock was lying! we ended up staying in bed until 11:30am!! That's late, yet enjoyable! I made another Everyday Food recipe, Chicken and Spinach Casserole.

Marc really didn't like this recipe although everyone else did (Marc's Aunt and Cousin were visiting nana today). So I'd call it a win! I used some bread that I had made the day before too.

Now, I am taking a break (extra long) from studying for two midterms.

Guys, I wish I knew what I was studying for. Right now I'm trying not to get upset about it because really I have time to figure it out...but I just wish I had even a slight idea. Ugh.

Oh use getting too upset, right!!!

Hope you guys all had a good weekend! What did you do?

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Mollie said...

that soup looks really good though. I am getting to that point where I want some kind of soup every day. yummmm

I love how "the hot chick" is always the can't fail movie hah.

I am kind of jealous of your bike, not gonna lie. =)

sounds like you had a pretty great weekend!