Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I was at work and received a phone call from Marc. I could hear him fighting back tears when he told me he quit his job.

If you didn't know, Marc works (worked) as a caregiver for people with varying disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrom, etc. He thrived at this job, I mean it was his life! The only problem was that Marc has a huge heart and that's great for the clients...but bad for the employers. You would think that is weird and couldn't be true, but the thing is that they took terrible advantage of him. They promised to help him with cutting back hours, only working on certain days, etc. Every promise was never put into practice. This is the second time this has happened to him so he is very discouraged.

So here is what happened, a week ago, another worker changed Marc's schedule without him knowing (he would be working two hours more, on a school night) or even discussing it with him. He talked to his employer about this, and the employer said the worker was supposed to talk to Marc about it. She did not. So yesterday came and Marc set out to leave at his regularly scheduled time when the other worker went crazy on him and said she was going to leave. So Marc quit. I think it was his breaking point. He called me from a parking lot, poor guy.

Anyway, we are very blessed to have a few financial breaks right now so we can survive on one paycheck..BUT, and that's a super duper Nicki Minaj Butt, that's barely cutting it and it's really scary. I was crunching numbers last night and without income compared to outgoing money were at around 60 dollars in the black. That's not enough! No savings, no emergencies, etc. We have about one months pay saved but we are also in school. I'm scared. You might be saying, why doesn't Marc just get a job, well I think he needs a break to kind of reconfigure what's going on in his life.

Marc has serious hurdles that he has to face everyday with his mental health. People think of it as a crock of shit, but it's just because that person might not have had the experience around real mental illness. Just keep thinking about my dear, dear Marc. He is trying so hard and it seems like has had to go through so much.

So anyway, Marc and I have decided to become a one car family, and will be doing some other skimping on the monthly bills. We have to really research how to do this, but I think it is the right decision. Even if I had to take the bus to school and work it would be TOTALLY worth it.

Love you guys, thank you for letting me vent a little bit.

P.S. Thanks to Deanna for giving me the idea to put my project playlist at the bottom of the blog! Go click on her name and check out her blog it's awesome already!

P.P.S. The first post on the "Tours Series" is going up tomorrow **** update, tour was postponed****!


Rayel said...

Love u sissy thx for sharing!

Mollie said...

Oh chet I'm so sorry! I understand slightly what you're going through. It's hard but I'm sure it's for the best, and when he's ready he will find something that makes him happy. =)

by the way I love almost all of your songs!

rachel.muchmore said...

That's a tough spot, a really tough one that I'm familiar with. Brandon and I are a one income family, and also a one car family. Right now I stay home with Norah, and that was a tough decision to make but every time I question or doubt it I always come to the conclusion that it was the right one. There was also a time earlier in our marriage where the one income was mine and Brandon was out of work for a while. You go through things like this in life, and they make you stronger, smarter, and perhaps most importantly, more grateful. I can honestly tell you that we make less money now than ever in our marriage (we also have a child) and yet we are happier with each other, and with our life in general. Money matters, but enough is as good as a feast in my book. One thing that has helped me get through the moments that I feel stressed out of my mind is to remember what matters to me, to focus on the sweet love I have and just soak in that until everything else seems less harsh. Sorry that this is super long, but I know it's not an easy place to be and hope my words are helpful.

PS- ditto to what Mollie said about your tunes.. I am LOVING that you have Damien Rice on here :)

Czeshia said...

aww thanks all for the comments!! LOVE YOU!