Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day in my shoes

I thought you might like to know what a regular school day is like for me.

8:30am- Wake up

9:00am- Eat breakfast (today was oatmeal with protein powder and banana, 401 calories...this SUCKED), get ready for the day.

9:30am-Leave for school

9:45am- Park and walk to class

10:00am- School has started (my first class includes a one hour gym period, but on Monday and Wednesday I work out for 30-45 minutes before school)

3:00pm- School's out YAY!

3:15pm- Arrive at home and try not to tear the kitchen up in hunger.

3:30pm- Eat and relax. YAY! (today was 3 cups of sautéed garlic spinach, 3 ounces roasted red potato, and 5 chicken nuggets, my splurge teehee ;) 533 calories)

4:30pm- Out 'da doh for work.

6:30pm- Usually am hungry by this time of day (today I had a piece of bread with 1/2 tbsp of PB and 1/2 tbsp of strawberry jam, 137 calories)

8:45pm- dinner time, it's late but I have to work late so this is nice. (today was 3 egg whites, 1 cup of peas,1 tbsp of hormel bacon bits, an apple and 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter 302 calories)

11:00pm- It's the best time of night, I'm getting off of work and it's time for dessert! (today I treated myself with 1 Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie, 40 calories)

11:50pm- I'm home, dog tired, and asleep.

Today's calorie count was 1,413 minus an an estimated 230 calories from gym class.



Mollie said...

I wish I could follow calorie counts like that..I think I'd rather not know what's in everything I eat. haha.

Rayel said...

1thin mint...I chuckled!

Czeshia said...

haha! I got to have 4 today!