Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have I died?


look what I got to eat for lunch today....

and they all sang a hallelujah chorus.

It was beyond good, sweet potato and collard greens! I think I'm going to be dripping collards out of my pores soon because I had a BUNCH of them for dinner too. I was also super hungry because my gym class had us working extra hard today, so this was just BEYOND fantastic :)

I'm really tired, but feeling good! Tomorrow is Wednesday which means I have some extra time before class to get some chores done. One of my "chores" is to film a video tour of my Flat!!

(on a side note) does it bug you that I call where I live a "Flat"? I'm just so tired of saying I live in an Apt. Plus they are called Polish Flats!

Make sure to vote on the poll, I don't get to see who voted for what so if you just want to be anonymous, that's fine!

I forgot to mention, HAPPY PACZKI ( Pounch-kee) DAY! Have one for me guys, I can't afford the calories LOL!


Mollie said...

missing that southern food I should see. I am so over it, being that I work at freakin cracker barrel. ugh!!!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I LOVE greens with sweet potatoes! That looks like an incredible meal!