Friday, October 29, 2010

woohoo it's Friday!

I LOVE FRIDAYS! It's my day off and I just love being able to sit back and say..YES I DON'T HAVE TO DO WORK!

This morning I started the day with some yummy pumpkin pancakes, which were absolutely delicious. Here are some pictures of the mix and of my new counter! It may not look like much but this counter has seriously saved me time and energy just by being there!

Nana loved them, and I made her a heart shaped pancake to boot!

I straightened my hair and put on some makeup and felt quite a bit better about myself today. After these pictures I took off some of the black eyeshadow. I went a little bit overboard.

I also hemmed up a nightgown for Nana today, it made me feel good that I could do something for her :)

The weather was beautiful! A little nippy but the sun was out!

Later we went to the In-laws house and hung out with the niece and nephew. Poor little Marcus was feeling a little under the weather

Aleksa painted her face for Halloween she was a "Rainbow Princess". I love them!

Now we are home, after some yummy pizza and a really nice day! Tomorrow is the costume party, can't wait to have lots of fun!

Good night!

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