Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Counter :)

My father in law Andy set me up with a new counter top next to the stove which makes me SOOOOO HAPPY! I forgot to take a picture before heading to work but I'll add it on later!

Today was pretty simple, I finished up our Halloween costumes. Marc is going as the Jolly Green Giant and I will be Little sprout :) I added leaves to our costumes which took quite a bit of time, and we already have long johns that were dyed green, green body paint and green hairspray!

We hope to look like them but it's homemade so we will see! I know they probably wont be that green.

I went to both classes today, got pretty upset at the first one but trying not to dwell on it. I have to read a few chapters in History (so snooze worthy)

Needless to say I got in a few pages and had to quickly put it away before I fell asleep at work. How can I make that reading interesting? My mind always falls away from the page and I start thinking about other things! I have a test not next Tuesday but the Tuesday after that.

I need to start getting better at taking pictures of my meals! I love reading blogs where they take pictures of that so I'll try to remember! Since I am still on soft food, I had as follows:
Sandwich Thin, Smart Balance Peanut Butter, 1/2 Banana, Activia Yogurt
Whole Wheat Quesadilla w/ Black Beans, cheese, and hot sauce plus half a bag of brussel sprouts
And for dinner I just had some cinnamon oatmeal not much to look at but here is a picture anyway. I made it with milk which really helped the taste.

Since I have gotten my braces I feel SOOO ugly. I really don't know if anything has shifted but I feel so puffy in the face and under my eyes looks baggy and weird. I'm not sure what's going on but tomorrow I am going to straighten my hair and see if it makes me feel better. Sometimes a hair change can help. I've been wearing my hair curly lately just for times sake.

Can't wait to get off work in an hour! Today is my Friday! I'm celebrating with Asti and Get Him To The Greek!



Rayel said...

So I know u said ur trying not to dwell on it...but why did u get upset w/ the first class? Love the costume ideas!!!!

Czeshia said...

Just my teacher was doing some kind of power trip. Saying there was a quiz when there wasn't. I get a zero for the quiz because I was absent.