Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's be productive!

Last night Marc and I carved our Jack O Lanterns!!

Cute huh? Mine is the one on the right, Marc's was from a Buddhist book cover that was pretty cool :). I sprinkled the insides with cinnamon so they would smell yummy!

I didn't really do much productive things today. I did all the dishes up and tried to straighten the house but man that is SUCH A CHORE, we have so much stuff I just don't know what to do with it all! One of these days I've just got to buck up and take care of it. Easier said than done. These days I'm lucky to get an hour of free time per day (at home) so I don't want to start that kind of project only to be interrupted almost right when I start! I got a bit done and let Violet out to play some. She chewed up my hair dryer cord, thankfully not enough to make it stop working. I think all of our electrical cords are taped up due to her haha! Stinker.

Today we went to the bank, library, and then grocery shopping. I'm still stuck on soft foods so we had to be creative and think of some yummy soft foods for the next couple days. We picked up slim fasts, bananas, fixings for burritos, spicy mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and this yummy yogurt.

It's nice to get a break from the really healthy eating but I do feel pretty guilty, hopefully soon i can get to eating better! I'm usually having oatmeal with banana for breakfast, or eggs like this morning, and then today I had a whole wheat bean burrito and yogurt for lunch and a Slimfast for dinner. When I get home I'll probably eat something light before bed because I'm still pretty hungry.

The weather is still incredibly windy, cold, and gloomy! Winter is on it's way! Here are some pictures I snapped on my way to work.

Well now I'm off to finish some homework for English Class! Have a good night!

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