Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What To Do If You Got a Bad Haircut

I came home from getting my hair cut a couple hours ago. I was not happy. I felt like an ugly peter pan who had a love child with Blanche from Golden Girls. It's amazing to me how much a hair cut can GREATLY affect your mood, spirit, self worth. Trying not to panic I decided that I was going to make this better. I showed this picture...
I got this... there were worse pictures  but I deleted them. No use feeling bad. *This is seriously how she styled it, she is a girl my age and has been a hairdresser for five years. No offense, but really!?*

So, the whole idea of this post is to help you when you get a haircut that might be not to your liking, like this one. First, refuse to call yourself bad names, or take the blame out on someone else... INCLUDING the hairdresser. This isn't the time to create anything other than peace, being mean isn't going to make it better, you will just feel worse. Plus, what are they going to do, cut it shorter?

So first step, take a shower. We need to assess the damage, discover what's salvageable, and relax a little under hot water.   Think about how this can be made into a lesson of humility, but don't downgrade your feelings. It is not silly for you to be feeling this way. Hair is a large part of our self image. You might even want to make a joke like I did, calling myself Peter Pan. Just say it as a joke, and not as your truth.

After taking a shower, try manipulating your hair into something you can work with. Imagine hair cuts that you like and what kind of hair you've got to work with. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't cry. There is nothing wrong with letting loose your emotions. Mourning your hair and what it was is not stupid, but don't wallow in your sorrow. Cry, let go, and make it better.

After manipulating your hair, using texturizers if necessary, see if it's working  out. This is the point where if it isn't working, that I would suggest calling a different hairdresser, maybe someone a friend trusts. Thankfully I was able to bypass this step.

Put on your favorite outfit, makeup (if you wear it), and a smile. Remember that hair grows and with confidence you can rock ANYTHING.
Social support helps a lot, Marc loved how I fixed my hair, this helped me a lot.

Cute headbands help.
Have you ever had a bad haircut? What did you do to "fix" it before it grew out?


Amanda said...

Oh that reminds me a whole lot of my experience last August. I tried to get my hair cut to the length it is NOW, and they cut it super-pixie-short. I was horrified, and there was nothing to do about it but wait it out. :( Having said that, I especially like your hair in that mirror picture, and the last couple are definitely cute. I hope it grows on you, and it helps that Marc likes it, I'm sure! *hugs* to you sweetie!

Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

This is why I haven't gone to a hairdresser in 13 years. Now I will say the initial way she "styled" it, no bueno. However, you thankfully saved it and now it looks MUCH better! I think in a few weeks it will be the perfect length that I remember you having when you first got your hair cut short. So good on ya for making the best of a potentially bad situation! It just needed the Chetney touch! ;)

Tanya Franco said...

I have had my share of haircuts that made me cry ( thats why I keep it long and don't take risks). You look absolutely beautiful! You have a beautiful face that a hair cut can't change. You chose to make a "bad" situation into something postitive, and not many people have the ability to do so. Love ya Chet!

Anonymous said...

I love it (the way YOU styled it)!

~ Banana Peels said...

Just got one at the beginning of the summer. I wanted to donate my hair because I had a TON of thick red hair and people are always saying they want it so I thought I'd be generous. That'll learn me never to share again :) Still trying to work it out. Basically, I wore a lot of hats in the summer and learned to braid. When it was long enough I let a different stylist give me an angle and that's alright, but I still miss my hair! (Who knew hair extensions could be so pricey??)