Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Shoes

Hi beautiful!

I thought it would be fun to do a "Sunday walk in my shoes" post. I attempted to take at least one picture every hour, so here it goes... (prepare for picture heavy post! Fun right?!)

Mornings always start out with water and coffee. My coffee has cinnamon creamer in it...mmm.
Breakfast was Marc's choice, he picked cinnamon raisin oatmeal. I forget how much I enjoy oats! I put vanilla protein powder in it to add some balance. The powder upped the protein 12.5 grams per serving! I didn't count how much protein all together but that's decent in and of itself!

After breakfast, I went on a Pinterest spree and started looking up positive quotes and found this one...

It happens to be from a book called The Four Agreements and I found a copy at the Barnes and Noble right down the street! So, I walked over and picked up a copy as well as a new book for Marc since he's on his way to finishing his current read in the next couple days.

After my walk, I did my strength training (yes in pajamas, they were ready for the wash, so I put them on to exercise in haha) If you'd like to check out the workout click here. It's a fitness blender video, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

Here I am doing 40 second wall sits, OW!

Marc and I did some spring cleaning on Friday so now I can't find my weights!! I improvised by putting this vase in my purse! The vase is filled with coins and it is HEAVY! I was laughing at myself, but it really worked! I could do kettle bell workouts with this!

My makeshift weight in action...

My strength training was actually for Friday but I didn't get to it that day, I was so happy to cross off that lingering day as accomplished! We are two and a half weeks into our training!

Lunch time! I have leftovers from a restaurant we went to Friday night with friends called Maxies. This is Tofu jambalaya that I put over spinach greens. So delicious! I think the tofu is smoked, which gave it a sausage-y taste. The best thing is I still have more leftovers for tomorrow! Wahoo!

Reading time! This book is so powerful I love it.

I'm a list maker, which is necessary since I usually have a lot to do! This coming week, however,  I have two lectures to attend and that's it! I'm hoping to get through this list by April 21st. I also stuck up my new daily mantra that I got from the book. I hope to say it, and practice it everyday.

Anybody been to Thailand, or know someone who has, that will let me use some traveling photos royalty free? I have to do a world health assessment/presentation on Thailand!

This rain isn't letting up, it is April though! April showers bring May flowers and all that jazz!

Last and not least today is my Dad's 68th birthday! I got to talk to him for a while today and he told me he is going to a barbecue tonight in his honor and is enjoying the day. Good for him! Happy Birthday!
Here's a picture of us from a couple of years ago.

Alright y'all I'm off to see what else I can get my hands into. I'll probably watch a movie, or continue reading, or who knows?! This is such a rare occurrence to have time that isn't necessarily dedicated to studying/ homework! I love it!


Anonymous said...

I loved walking in your shoes through this post! That purse kettle bell cracked me up, what an ingenious solution. Also, can I call dibs on reading that book next?

Happy birthday to your pops. Enjoy the rest of your weekend relaxing. As always thank you for sharing your truth on the blog. <3

Czesia said...

Abso-posi-tutley! I was actually thinking I clan't wait for you to read it because then we can keep each other in check!