Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Crafts, Falafel, and a Question

Recently I saw a Pinterest craft on making blown out Easter egg presents! We are going to see our Niece and Nephews on Easter so we decided to recreate it!
 The messages say: What day is an egg's least favorite day of the week? Fry-day! (Look under Dziadek's pillow) What do you call an Easter egg from outer space? As egg-stratesstrial (look under Dziadek's dining chair) and Happy Easter for the young one, he will be handed his present. We got them each one of those cute carrot shaped things of candy.
Here is Marc putting one of the messages into the egg. He did this for each one, since it proved to be much more difficult than it looked!

This is the different paper we used, just to add a lil' somethin somethin

We glued strips of paper to the egg holes that we made to blow the egg out. Marc first tried to use his finger, hence the purple glove.

Progress picture! Marc wanted to make a robot one and I had a pretty decent idea of what I wanted to do for the youngest boy and the oldest girl, so I took those two on.

Here they are completed! Marc did the robot one in the middle cute right?

Here's a picture of the side of the robot one, it's a spaceship!

After craft time we went and bought some groceries to make dinner. We decided on Falafel! We have this very cool Indian store by our house where we picked the mix up. All you add is water, and it is what I would call "real" food (ground chickpea, ground fava bean, sesame seeds, and spice!) I also made the yogurt sauce Tzatziki, which I LOVE!

Roasted broccoli on the side, seasoned with turmeric, smoked paprika, curry powder, and smoked sesame seeds.

If you come over to my house for dinner, you should probably ask for this meal!! So yum!


Chomp Chomp!!
So guys, I have a question. Marc read my post last night and told me he misses my short hair! Click here if you missed it. What do you think should I cut it? I'm not sure I could go either way! I do like having unique short hair.  I got some thinkin' to do! Here is a picture of how short I might go. 
I'm off to go watch 12 years a slave with my boo, toodles!
P.S. Marc wants funky pixie, maybe like this?


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Those eggs are super cute! The kids will love them!

Personally, I'm a fan of long hair for as long as mother nature will let you have it without looking like a wire haired hippie but it's not my head so I say do what you want! If you don't like it, it grows back. :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I love my short hair! So easy and unique!