Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Last Day

Today is my last day at work, I'm excited, but scared too! I guess we all have to take risks now and again but faith will always bring us through. When we are good to others, others will in turn be good to us! I'm closing a great chapter in my life, yes, but I'm turning the page to a healthier, happier me. I'm going to plant this Hydrangea in the backyard and whenever I look at it, I will think of all the good times I've had here! I actually wouldn't be in college right now if it weren't for the opportunities I had here at work. They gave me a leg up and a chance to find my I have to stop or I'm going to cry again!!!!

I had a photo shoot with Beanka before work today! True story: My bro-in-law thought Beanka was pronounced Bee-ahn-ka but it's just like Bean-kah LOL! If you follow that! I really like Bee-ahn-ka too!

She was being so cute, but I think she got tired right before I got the camera out.

She's never too tired for kisses..yes that's on the lips blegh! She sneak attacks to get to your mouth...little stinker.

I had to give kisses to retaliate!

She always wins!

We're a kissy family :)

In other news I got a 39 out of 40 on my Biology test!! YAY! That's what I get for studying I guess right?!? HA!

I ran my fastest 5k ever yesterday at 40:23! I felt so good! I actually am feeling like my weight is up though, but I'm purposely not going to weigh myself tomorrow (weigh in days are fridays) because I don't want to feel down right when I'm getting into a rhythm with exercise and semi healthy eating. I know myself, and if I see a "bad" number I'm going off the deep end and it's name is deep fried butter.


Tomorrow I'm going running, doing laundry, switching seasons in my closet, and then I have to turn in my uniforms! Eek!

Tomorrow is also the start of my...


Love you guys, thank you for hanging in with me during this last hectic week! It should be smoother sailing from here on out!


Mollie said...

That's sweet. Change is always exciting, but I can understand being scared/nervous too. But this will open the door for new opportunities for you, I just know it!

I thought it was pronounced that way too, until I watched one of your videos and I heard how you say her name. haha.

Czesia said...

Thank you Mollie! Now I call beanka Bee-ahn-ka when she's being especially Diva like and spoiled LOL!

SlimKatie said...

I always thought her name was pronounced bee-ahn-ka too! But I like the way it's pronounced. Cute!

Czesia said...

That is so hilarious to me!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I'm with the others, I thought it Bianca (like from The Rescuers) too and just figured you got all fancy with how you spelled it! HA!

The fun part will be tomorrow when you wake up and say "now what?" LOL

Czesia said...

lol I'm going to wake up tomorrow and stay in my pajamas until NOON!

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck in the world Chetney. I know that you know what your doing.I love you . Pops

Sarah said...

I'm sure you made the right decision for you. Lots of good thoughts your way. Xo.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Even with the phonetic spelling of YOUR name I'm not sure I'd pronounce it right! I also thought it was 'Bianca.' Be careful when you name your kids! I thought I did a good job with Charlie and Chelsea. Poor girl sometimes gets 'Chelsuh.' It's pronounced just like the word 'sea!'

Kelly Janowski said...

Congratulations on the new stage in your life! Those puppy photos are adorable, too.