Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Love Date Night!

Date Night is so much fun, but lately we've been in a rut! Always just dinner and a movie, and that's fun and all but we need to shake things up once in a while! I must admit Marc wasn't so excited at first, but he grew into it! He's been working so hard, coming home at 6 or 7 every morning :(

Well where were we going???
Little Shop of Horrors!!!

This theatre/art gallery/ bar is only a few blocks from our house, I have no idea why we don't go more often! The last time we went here we saw a play about trailer park was awesome LOL!

Extremely affordable AND DELICIOUS coffee too! I had a double shot espresso with foam Mmmm!

In the theatre! This place is so intimate, it only has three and a half rows of seats!

During intermission, I had a vodka tonic SHORT! Marc emphasized the SHORT part, since last date night I got excited at the bacardi double mixers and over indulged. He had to stop on the freeway coming home so I could puke my guts out. I blame it on his driving! He's smart though, it was the perfect drink not too little, not too much! 

Audrey II in action!!

Feed ME Seymour!!

After the FABULOUS musical, we came home to perfectly risen pizza dough! Instead of going out to eat, we decided to save money and go home to eat. I made the dough before we left.

Toppings were mexican inspired, black beans, corn, pickled jalapeno,mushrooms, onions, mozzerella cheese, and salsa verde for pizza sauce. It was freakin delicious!

We ate our pizza watching LOST..which I must say is REALLY awesome. We are both wicked hooked at around halfway through the first season on Netflix.



Amanda said...

What a fantastic night!! I love going to the theatre and hardly ever get to do it. What a perfect thing ot do for date night!

Czesia said...

We really need to take advantage of our surroundings! There is so much to do and see in Milwaukee!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You could have had a big drink since you were so close to home!

Czesia said...

Doll, I always get sick after overinduging. I just like to blame m hubby, because that is what hubbies are FOR! lol!

Marcia said...

Date night sounded fun! I love Little Shop of Horrors! To see a live production would be pretty amazing. I'm a little jealous. ;) You've inspired me to be little bit different with our date nights. We usually do dinner or drinks with friends. But I'm going to look into more options. I especially like your creative pizza!

Czesia said...

Thanks!! I like active date nights too! I'm tryiing to convice marc to go rock climbing with me, but he might be too tall or heavy.

Mollie said...

That sounds so fun! and the pizza looks so good! you are doing lost now too??? Oh my gosh, are we on the same freakin mindwave or what?!?! we're a couple episodes into season 2 and I love love loooveee it! though it messes with my mind! haha

Cee said...

What a fabulous date night! The pizza looks sooo good too! Much better than going out for pizza. Enjoy LOST, it was one of my favorite shows, although it did frustrate me at times lol.

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

What a wonderful date night! Of course any date night where puking isn't involved is a plus! ;)