Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Weekend!

I was just informed that this is memorial weekend! WHAT?! I kind of got stuck in a time warp I think!

Look at my sunburn! LOL! It's just a little pink, I swear that Aldi sunscreen doesn't work :( It is the spray on kind, in a blue bottle. At least it hasn't worked that well for me!

Guess how many pounds I lost this week... I'll give you a hint!

Too bad they are pounds I've unfortunately had to "re-lose" but finals week will do that to you I guess! I went and saw Dictator to celebrate, it was funny but not as good as Borat. :)

My life is good, I love summer!!!
Happy Memorial Weekend, do you have any plans to celebrate?


Amanda said...

I miss Aldi a lot. They don't have them down here. :( But there were certain things we never, ever bought there. Like bread, or produce! :D I'm sorry the sunblock didn't work for you. At least it's not too bad, right?

Congrats on re-losing those pounds. No fun to relose, but really, three pounds isn't too much, right?

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too!

Mollie said...

you prob got burnt because you're really me =) haha. Congrats on relosing...stress can make you plateau or gain sucks, but it def happens! I want to see dictator...that man is so crazy! Did you realize that he was in Sweeney Todd? haha. He's in everything!

Czesia said...

LOL mollie! That's what sunscreen is for!! For us white people to NOT burn hahaha! I dont remember seeing him in Sweeney?! What part?

Mollie said...

He was the crazy elixer sales guy...ummmm I forgot his name! but he was that guy!!

Ryan.Perry said...

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