Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freakin Hot!

It is soo hot out, oh my! The temperature thing says 81 but I'm not buying it, it has to be like 90 LOL!

I decided that today I would finish gardening, but I got way too hot.... Yogurt with apples and cinnamon for fuel.

This is what I accomplished today! Who knows I might go back out there, but not right now! You can see where I just mulched since it is darker haha! You can also see where I ran out of mulch by the black trach bag poking out. I'm still proud of it. Plus I like those old destressed boards, they're neat :) You see all those large weeds by the chain link fence? I'm pulling those after I get the rest of the garden done and I'm planting seeds! There will be lupine, and peas down by the vegetable end! Great way to get a little more privacy maybe?!

So in addition to the flowers yesterday, now we have our herbs planted! From left to right, Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Jalepeno (not an herb but it'll work there lol), and mint. YUM! I can't wait for them to grow, I hope they grow!!! It's so crazy how such a little space can take up so much time. Weeding was the longest, but this took me about 3 hours to accomplish.
I'm off to take a shower and cool off!


Mollie said...

oh that is such a great idea to do herbs too. I might try my hand at little pots or something for that sort of thing. idk. We'll see how motivated I can get myself. haha

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I wish I had the energy to start a real vegetable garden. I even have a penned area that used to be for the previous owner's dog, but it is SO overgrown with vines and weeds it would take many days to clear out! There's even a rabbit house in there! Maybe if I get REALLY ambitious i can start clearing it out for next year...

Marcia said...

I've been badgering my husband about moving his stupid boat so I can put a garden where it's at. It's been almost a month and the boat is still there. It's the perfect spot for a garden and I'm really anxious about having a garden this year! Hopefully I can get his procrastinating butt in gear by next weekend and get my own garden started. I love your garden...but if it's a lot of work, I may not have that kind of patience! It looks nice, though!

Amanda said...

My sister got married last night around 5:30, and it was frickin' 90+ degrees in direct sunlight. An outdoor wedding. Everyone was dying. Thankfully the sun started to go down soon after and it cooled off a bit (meaning, it got to 85 without direct sunlight, which felt miraculously cool at that point!). HOT. :D

ps - I'll email you back at FB soon. Been gone and away from my computer for the last three days so I haven't had to chance to read through the whole thing you sent yet.