Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michael Jackson

I was never a real Michael Jackson fan but I really like impersonators!!!

You should hear this guy, it's pretty cool!

That is actually my favorite M.J. song. IF I had to pick one.

News in my life:

I've been snowed in since Tuesday night, finally got to go to work tonight. I ended up only getting 13.5 hours this week

I didn't eat very balanced this week, being snowed in didn't help but I'm working on it this upcoming week.

Best thing I ate this week

I made banana bread yesterday with Truvia instead of sugar, and earth balance instead of butter! I also put pecans in it YUM!

This upcomg week I'm make some HOLY SHYZA DELICIOUS recipes. My plan is to cook them all on Saturday and just have to reheat and eat!

My menu includes:

Shrimp Alfredo with peas and greens
Sweet Collards with ham and beans
Slow cooker Pineapple Chicken (will do in a morning before class) with brown rice
Skinny girl Clam Chowdah with mixed greens
apple bacon cheddar fritatta over a bed of spinach

Sound delicious???

I'm going to try to recommit to blogging nightly BUT I don't know where my battery charger ran off to for my camera! That's a must find.

I'm also going to be using this calendar to help plan my foods and meals for the next week.,,20409810,00.html (click on the pdf to print)

See I just needed a few weeks to find a groove! I'm working on it and I'll never give up that I can promise you and myself!

I must say I'm a little nervous about Marc though. He told me he's already thinking about giving up school. I'm sad for him, but really frustrated about how he feels so overwhelmed with learning and having to participate in class. I don't really know what to say or do. All I can do is encourage him but if he already thinks he is going to quit I don't think that I will be able to change his mind. I feel like there is no reason for him to give up except laziness..but I'm trying to stay open minded. UGH!

So guys update me, how are you? What's new?

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rachel.muchmore said...

Snow is lame. I <3 Michael Jackson tunes. Oh man, I wore out my greatest hits CD years ago. Good memories, good times. All that food sounds awesome. Give that hubby some time, maybe he'll come around on the schooling thing. I honestly have thought about going to school and it intimidates the stew out of me for those very reasons. I mean, I was an honor student, but I feel like since I finished high school my brain started melting or something. I tried to do algebra the other day (my sister was interviewing for a teacher's aide job, so we were all brushing up, lol) and holy'd have thought I was a cave woman. What's up with me? I started painting again! I opened an etsy shop! Pretty excited about that. It's also looking like we'll be able to move soon which is super exciting for me. That's about it. Thanks for asking ;)