Monday, February 7, 2011

Interrupted Life

My life has been put on hold since last Tuesday.

The storm pretty much attacked and all kinds of things have been affected by it. I got my car stuck yesterday in an icy ledge of snow that was between my driveway and the alley. It took me forever to get it unstuck, and I had to miss work. My scheduling manager was being tough on me about it but I couldn't leave my car because I almost saw someone hit it while I was talking to her on the phone. My only option to get to work would be to take a taxi, about 25 dollars. Soo, I would go to work, make 60 bucks (before taxes were taken out) and then already have 25 dollars taken out if you think about it. It's bull. So I didn't go to work (I talked to my operational manager and he told me to stay home). Hopefully I wont get any flack from it. It's just a job (a low paying one at that) but I can do my homework here (even write blogs) so it's important at the moment.

Things I am stressing over/ trying to decompress from:
Only working 13.5 hours last week
Household Bills/Debt
School bills
Missing work last night (car got stuck)
Too much on my plate
Can't figure out how to apply scholarship money towards college tuition.
Issue that came up today which might make someone doubt me (?) that's a hard one to be vague at.

Just all kinds of things that I'm trying really hard to stay calm about.

I keep fantasizing about where my life will lead me. I'm excited but I wish I could take one thing at a time. Instead of juggling all these issues around. Can life stop for a few more semesters? If I could just go to school and not work I would feel more sane but it's not an option. . My only option is to keep going and just try not to fall apart.

Trying to balance everything is ridiculous. Money, errands, housework, schoolwork, actual work, nana, healthy living, is overwhelming. Thank God I don't have a social life HAHA!

I don't mean to whine, but I'm flustered. I want to be able to take care of everything at once and it's getting to be too much for me to handle. How do I do it all? How can I take care of myself and be able to do all this as well? Sometimes I feel like it's not understood how much I do and take care of. Ugh enough of this pity party, it's getting me nowhere.

After negatives come positives!
1) I took a quiz last Monday in math and got a 94%!!
2) I cooked all kinds of meals so I don't have to worry about cooking for the rest of the week!
3) I've been really good with working out, i walked two miles yesterday, and shoveled snow for an hour which burned 625 calories!
4) I haven't missed any homework assignments even while absent!
5) I got Itunes and got to download music onto my phone, which is awesome for walking!

Alright I feel a bit better.

On to the picture show?

The best thing I ate this week: (Collard greens, ham, and chickpeas)
Weird recipe I made Apple, bacon, cheddar frittata :)
Pretty basket on the table
Delicious breakfast I've been making lately: Oikos plain Greek yogurt, honey, raw oats
Me, moments before realizing my car was stuck yesterday.
Y'all have a good night, I'll be hanging in there.

P.S. Marc just told me we need a new transmission for the ford. PLEASE WORLD QUIT PICKING ON ME.


Mollie said...

golly chet..when it rains it pours. I seem to feel overwhelmed like that too. It's like I can't get ahead, or something negative like that. haha. just hang in there chica. It will get better.

Czeshia said...

Thanks hun, I know it will but this struggling crap is overrated HAHA! Hope everything works out for you too.