Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homework Break

I have a love/ hate relationship when it comes to math homework.

I love it because it takes a lot of time for me to complete, so my work day FLIES by.

I hate it because it's REALLY HARD.

Wanna hear (see) something funny?!?

Nana has been doing this new thing were she steals stuff from the basement (basement holds pantry items, laundry, storage, and bathroom).

After being at school and work for roughly 14 hours I was fantasizing about taking a shower and just passing out. So I went in the shower and was rinsing my hair to wash it and BAM. No shampoo, no conditioner. FUDGE PICKLES. Banana stole it. (I say stole in a loving/joking way, she probably just thought they were hers)

I ended up finding some backup shampoo, but no conditioner in sight so I looked online (imagine a wet cat googling -yep that was me) for a recipe and ended up making a concoction of avocado and a raw egg.

So I was a scruffy lion head today.

Other things nana had sticky fingers for:

Laundry soap (both bottles)
Fabric softener sheets
Wedding invitations
7 rolls of toilet paper
A Can of Chickpeas

Living with her never gets dull!

Love y'all.

P.S. You might not think my hair looked "that" bad...but that was after straightening it!!

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rachel.muchmore said...

I wish I could meet this Nana character, she seems so interesting :) You really do look just fine though, conditioned or not.