Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Recently I was asked how do you eat when you're a vegetarian? It seems so off base, do you just eat salads and veggie burgers?

I do love those things but I pride myself on trying to increase the variety of our meals. So let's go through some examples of what I made this week for dinners shall we? I talk a bit about brands because I have noticed that sometimes brands matter to me, so I'm not going to censor myself.

On Monday we had a BBQ sandwich with Gardien brand veggie protein (this one was like chicken), corn, jalapeƱos and (gorgeous) spinach. The side was baked sweet potatoes with smoked paprika seasoning. This is one of my favorites!

Tuesday we had Spaghetti! Spaghetti can be hard if you're counting calories. A very small amount of noodles can equate to a high caloric intake, so I like to serve mine with lots of greens and pour the sauce over the whole plate.

The sauce is Newman's Own Sweet Onion, my absolute favorite. I also put in some veggie crumbles and sprinkled the whole thing with parmesan. What an easy, nourishing and comforting dinner.

I try not to have veggie proteins too many times in a week, so here are some more examples that are straight up good ideas without the fake out stuff.

Wednesday was salad with balsamic vinaigrette, a cornbread muffin and sweet potato bisque. I like the Pacific brand in the tetra pack. My favorite is the poblano corn, but it has more calories and that day I was running a bit short. Also, sorry for the anemic looking muffin, Marc had exactly ten minutes to eat before running out the door to work and they needed a bit more time.

This is my last dinner to share for this week, it also happens to be my favorite! It's barley that I cooked in vegetable broth, with roasted baby portobello mushrooms, onions, garlic and kale. It made a lot and we ate it for two nights, Thursday and Friday... I love barley!

This was fun to show a few vegetarian dinner ideas with you! I think it might be something that I'll continue to update you with in case you would like to use some for a Meatless Monday, or for any day!
Hope you all have had a great week!
Would you like dinner ideas to becoming a regular occurrence on Czesialives? How about lunch ideas, breakfasts, snacks?


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Any meal ideas would be appreciated!!

Czesia said...

I'll keep them coming! xoxo