Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Brunch

There really is nothing more satisfying than a leisurely kind of Sunday morning watching the William and Kate Lifetime  <insert serious life changing documentary title here> movie and enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch.

Especially when that Sunday brunch fits into my diet plan! Although slightly higher in calories than I normally eat, I have a date with the circuit training at the gym today. I hurt my hip pretty badly at the gym so I had to take some time off. I am still kind of afraid that I'm going to hurt it again... eek!

I've digressed. This meal is 575 calories. It consists of a blueberry Greek yogurt, two eggs, two slices of marble rye with butter and raspberry jam and a dark roast coffee with chocolate soymilk. YUM!
To me, breakfast is all about the coffee. The darker, the richer the better! I love black coffee but I've been trying to have more calcium in my diet, so chocolate soymilk (1/4 cup) is a great addition that helps my taste buds and my bones!
How do you like your toast? This is my favorite way with jam and butter. Spreads can do you in though, measuring is a great way to make sure those calories aren't piling up. I did a tablespoon each of raspberry jam and Land O Lakes spreadable butter with canola oil (love that stuff). Marble rye is also a favorite, it's not too bready and packs a lot of flavor. Here's a trick for you, cut your bread in half and it doubles the amount visually.
I have a love hate relationship with yogurt. I've eaten a lot of yogurt in my life, especially while trying to lose weight. So, I've grown kind of tired of it. Marc bought these for me when I was running like a chicken with my head cut off this past week while interning. They're quite good and a little surprising with fruit on the bottom. Usually I turn my head at this kind of thing because of the sugar, but the protein count (12 grams, 80 calories) is awesome. This is a good choice, in my opinion.
Ladies and Gents, eggs. Eggs make my world go round. I attribute my keeping of one year of vegetarianism solely to the egg! These are special because they have my favorite seasoning, smoked paprika. It gives that bacon-y flavor without the meat. I like to make mine look and feel like fried eggs without the added fat by cooking them with a little bit of Pam spray on a nonstick skillet.

Treat yourself to brunch every now and then! Even if you're watching your intake! I like to think of foods that I can have rather than foods that I can't, it keeps things positive and keeps me happy.

For lunch I'll have broccoli with hummus and lentil vegetable soup, snacks will be a string cheese, apple and peanut butter, and dinner will be a  spinach stuffed sweet potato!! So exciting!

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday, which I'm sure will consist of such vapid things as a pedicure and getting my hair done... all at the Czesia salon :)

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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