Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year Resolutions and My 400th Blog Post!

HAPPY 400th blog post!  HAPPY 2015!!!!

We have lots to celebrate!

I must say I'm so glad to see 2014 disappear into history. It's sad to think that a year was so negative but I'm just happy for a fresh start.

With fresh starts comes plans to make that year so great, so without further ado here are my new year resolutions...

1) Keep up with my gym/exercise streak with current schedule of 6 days a week, 1 hour intervals
Marc and I joined a gym that's really close to our house and have been going everyday. Our day off is on Mondays and we're feeling great emotionally and physically. The hard part is getting out of the house but I know we can do it!

2) Keep the house clean, especially during internship
It's true that when my house is dirty, my mood plummets. The best way to counteract this feeling is to clean everyday! If you clean everyday the time put into keeping it up feels short and easy to handle. Since I started vacation, the house feels so nice! It's a great feeling.

3) Follow my daily mantra

I found this in a book and sometimes I forget to apply it to my life, but when I do it makes me a better person. It makes me more true to my inner self and who I want to be.

4) Never allow the stress level of last semester to creep into my last semester of college
I have to be very strict on this one because it is easy to get swallowed into stress. Last semester I cried a lot because I thought I was going to fail. The stress I put on myself was unnecessary and toxic. I'm going to allow myself to flourish and be confident with my ability. There is a reason why I have gotten through those hurdles and why I'm in my last semester (in 4 days!) Do your best, forget the rest!

5) No deep fried foods
 Last year, Marc and I had one resolution, no more meat in our lives. It first became a thing we'd just try and we refused to call ourselves vegetarians. Now we wear that label proudly and we're sticking to our meat free beliefs. We're upping the anty this year by removing deep fried foods from our lives. No more fries, chips, pastries or frozen veggie proteins that are fried to appear more palatable. We don't eat that much deep fried food, but if we did it would be because of a hectic schedule or emotional comfort. So, we're dealing with our problems head on!

6) Blog 100 posts in 2015
Blogging is important to me. When I've hit my best health goals, I was blogging the most! So I can't wait to hit my 500th blog post by the end of this year! 500 blog post will be good for you dear reader as well because I will be hosting a give away to celebrate! If I do 2 or more posts a week I'll hit 500 by the end of this year. Stay tuned!


Comment below what your what your new year resolutions are! I can't wait to read them! 


Ashleigh said...

Loved this post. I'm excited for your 2015 journey. This year I hope to make the most of every day: spend less time on things that don't matter and more on things that do. I also want to meditate 10 minutes in the morning and before bed to reduce stress and keep me in the present moment, where all the beauty and wonder exists. I also hope to blog more, write more, and create more (this goes with making more time for the things that matter). Looking forward to reading your 100 posts this year! <3 Ashleigh

Amanda said...

Happy new year! I hope you have a great one. :)

Czesia said...

Ashbug, I love your resolutions! I can tell you've put a lot of thought into it. Love you!

Amanda, Happy New Year!