Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Camping Edition II

Welcome to the second edition of camping posts! This post is about a photography scavenger hunt on some of the trails by our campsite.  
1) Something man-made in the middle of nature

2) Something wet (the trail was muddy)
3) two types of seeds

4) A leaf/plant
5) Something fuzzy (moss)
6) something you think is a treasure
7) Something you think is beautiful

8) Something that makes noise (the trees were so creaky!)
9) Something round
10) Something UGLY! 

11) Something alive!
That was such a fun game! We played couples style and showed each other our pictures on the beach while soaking up some sun!
For some sad news, unrelated to camping, I fell running yesterday and it hurts. Everything is starting to change colors and my knee is swollen. Kinda sucks because Sunday is the color run, I hope I feel more in running condition by then. I didn't even go to spin class tonight because it was hurting and swollen. :(

Hope that I feel better by Sunday guys!!!


Fit Mom said...

Poor thing! Just walk the color run. It ends too quickly as it is!

Czesia said...

It was really fun and I didn't need to walk yay! Post to be up shortly!