Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Time

So I've been fighting the time to update you guys on this blog. Don't you all just want to see what I eat everyday, instead of life updates?! That would make things easier LOL!

I guess I'll break things down into sections and go from there. We'll do a school section, job section, relationship section, and weight loss section.

School: I think I severly underestimated how much time school would be taking out of my life. I have never attempted something as difficult as this Dietetic degree. I'm proud of myself, but in the same light it scares me to have to be so dedicated that stress becomes almost unmanageable. I know I'll get through though. At the beginning of June I learned that I was admitted into the Coordinated Program of Dietetics. This means that I will have my internship included at my college, so I won't have to scramble and be admitted somewhere else after I get my bachelors. Two more years left!
Job- I have a job now, I work at this tiny grocery store that is five minutes from my house. Totally not using any brain power, just robot-ing through to get a paycheck.  It seems to be sucking up my summer. I'm nervous about the fall since I will have to scale back my hours and we're barely making it as is. Here I am getting ready to go to work, my hair has faded out!
Relationships: Marc and I of course are doing great. We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and are training for a color run in August. We could take the cake in biggest bickering couple. I love him more than anything. Here's a picture of us after a "abdominal snow run".
My biggest relationship fiasco happens to be my biggest stress these mother. I love her so much but needless to say living with her isn't easy. Oh, you didn't know she was living with us? Yes she is. She came for vacation and never left. We have tried to make it work but I'm not sure it's going to last. She has decided to go on a six month vacation to Vermont in September. I'm pretty sure she's not going to come back. The issue is that she has had mini strokes and currently can barely walk because of a bum knee. I made her give up her license after a few scary stories she told me about driving and being forgetful (which I think she's resentful about). I couldn't seem to get close to her this time around because I figured she'd just want to leave again. The grass is always greener on the other side. I'm just trying not to be too upset with her decisions and understand she doesnt want someone to breath down her neck and tell her she has to go to the doctor... What can you do you know? I give up trying to help someone who wishes to forgo medication and 21st century medicine. I'm not the one who will end up in a geriatric ward nursing center before age 60 due to 90% treatable causes. I'm sorry that's topic.

Weight loss! I haven't lost weight since last summer. School took over and I was lucky to maintain. I gained 9 pounds during the winter but took it off a month later. Now I'm at 6 pounds lost in the past two weeks. I also can't wear my "fat jeans" anymore as my bum keeps trying to make an appearance. I also bought a bikini yesterday! Maybe I'll be brave enough to post a beach picture one day. I go to a spin class every week, running every other day, and trying to bike as much as I can wrap my head around.  Picture for this topic.... let's see..How about an Easter pic?
I feel healthy! Compared to even 3 years ago...
not to mention 5 years ago...

I recently just told someone I had been on a weight loss journey for the past 4 years only to realize it's now turned to five years.
Happy five year anniversary to me.
Last piece of news, I really hope you guys all subscribe to my new food blog Czesia Eats <-- Click there!! Just like all baby blogs, it's quite unknown and I'd love to get more subbies on there to interact with me!
Love you guys!


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Glad to hear an update!! And you're right, you can not stress out over someone not wanting to help themselves. You did what you could. It's just sad because you want her to want to live a long, healthy life!

Amanda said...

Hi Czesia! Sorry you're having such a rough time with your mom. I know I'm not cut out to be a caregiver at all. I have a hard enough time with my children!! :/

I'm moving into almost four years of weight loss now, it'll be four in November. I hope I feel as good as you do at the end of five!