Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite Juice! Day 9

Look at me, drinking on the job...Let's not bring up the fact that I'm having a crap hair day okay (the lighting in here really sucks by the way, only fluorescents)? It's super windy/rainy/snowy here, so hairdo's go right out the window.

I wanted to tell you guys that I finally made a juice that I really enjoy! Well, I enjoy all the fruit juices but not really the veggie ones. I made a Green Lemonade! It's got Spinach, Cucumber, an apple, and two lemons. It's super zippy, but really delicious! I figured out that I REALLY don't like celery, onion, and pepper juiced. It grosses me OUT!

One more juice day to go and I'm back to solids..THANK GOD! It would take a lot of willpower to last more than 5 days juicing honestly. The weight loss is incredible though!

Stats: 2/29/12, Day 9
Weight Loss: 9 LBs
Jeans: Into a pair of jeans that gave me BAD muffin top before, without ANY squeezed adipose tissue anywhere!!
Mood: Great! I feel super good today! I woke up with so much energy. Marc even commented how awake I was this morning. I can tell he is very proud of me. I am proud of myself!
Other: So I have a couple of people who are worried about my abrupt weight loss. A lot of people are saying I'm going to balloon up. I have a BOATLOAD of problems with this thinking. I have continually lost weight since 2007-2008. I have done both slow and fast methods. In all of my experience, my only weight gains have been minimal (5-7 pounds maximum). I don't eat at all like I did when I looked like this...
(This was even after losing about 30 LBs) That picture makes me so sad. Who is that sad girl (with the TRAGIC haircut)?

Anyway, like I said, some people were talking to me recently about how I'm going to balloon up. Even some stated they were worried I was anorexic. Where does that even come from? Right now, even on a fast I'm getting ALL of my vitamins and minerals, most of the proteins needed, and all the carbohydrates needed. An average juice is anywhere from 250-450 calories. What's the issue? I don't stuff myself with food that I used to eat, I still love a cheeseburger but I don't eat one daily. It's a matter of balance.Telling me that I don't know what I am doing, when OBVIOUSLY I have lost this weight on my own, is just a wasted breath. Don't rain on my parade. It kind of makes me think, are you sad about your own life? I think these people might very well be. All this bullying (really that's how it felt) made me write a FB message that I wanted to share with you...
That is so true to me, and I'm glad I stuck up for myself.

On that note, here's my food list:
Papaya Pineapple Juice
Mean Green Juice
Green Lemonade! x 2
Cantaloupe something Juice...

That last one I need to juice when I get home and will have a serving tonight and a serving tomorrow morning. One problem...What should I put with cantaloupe? Apple? Lemon? Just by itself? Hrmm I don't know yet.

Looking forward to chewing!! Love you guys!


Amanda said...

People need to mind their own business!

So I'm curious - I didn't realize just how high calorie those juices are. What do you think your average calorie intake is per day?

Fit Mom said...

I agree with Amanda. It isnt their business and people who make it there business are usually missing something from theirs. about strawberries and banana? Or papaya? Or Mango? Or pomegranate. Cantaloupe is usually sweet so I would think something a little zippy and tart would be good to go with it. Some spinach to cut it?

Czesia said...

Hrmm i'm guessing my calorie intake is at around 1000 on a VERY low cal day, and about 1600 on a really high calorie day. Fruit juices are higher in calories than the veggie juices.

Czesia said...

Ohh Cantaloupe banana sounds so good! Spinach too I wouldn't mind! I wonder if you can juice a banana? I'll have to google that!

Fit Mom said...

If you want to add banana, I would make your juice, and put it in a blender with the banana. You can juice a banana but you dont get much out of it and it gunks up your juicer. I would try and make it a bit more of a smoothie and combine them in the blender rather than waste the banana.

Mollie said...

if what you're doing is considered unhealthy/an eating disorder, people can shove it. Seriously. You have completely turned your lifestyle upside down, and are probably one of the healthiest people I know! I'd like to see them try what you're doing..geez. That's awesome though girl! great job! veggies are gross juiced, unless concealed with other things. lol.

Czesia said...

Oooo Fit Mom, I really want to do that! I hope marc didn't eat all the bananas up yet, we had two left! Mollie, I love you girl!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

It's not like you're on a liquid plan for the rest of your life. Plenty of people do this and gasp...aren't anorexic because of it. Do what's right for YOU and eff everyone else! Oops! I should censor myself a bit more!

Czesia said...

yeah effff them!!!!! I Have a hard time censoring myself too lol! Ohhhsie wellsies!

SlimKatie said...

You're doing AMAZING at this juice fast! Congrats on the jeans w/o the muffin top ;)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

There's one of those motivational posters on Pinterest and it basically says those that are criticizing what you are doing, be it training for a 5k or lifting or juicing, whatever, they're just jealous that you are doing it and they aren't. Most of all the negative comments about anything stems from jealousy. I am NOT jealous of you drinking all of those concoctions! How would I be able to dip my apple juice in peanut butter??

Fit Mom said...

Saw this juice on Pinterest and thought of you:
Watermelon Cucumber Mint Cooler
1/4 watermelon
1 cucumber
3-4 sprigs of organic mint

Here is another one:
sunshine in a glass
3 oranges
¾ of 1 grapefruit
1 lemon

Thought it might help you mix things up on your last day of all juice!