Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There is no reason for the above title, just something in my MIND-OLA.

Let see since I've last left you...

* I got a 4.0 in my freshmen year back at college. It kinda takes the pain away that a lot of my peers graduated with their bachelors recently...

* I've reaffirmed my goal to lose 17 pounds by July 17th! Why those specific numbers?? Well I worked out on Sparkpeople that my specific number to be at an overweight BMI, instead of Obese, is 17 pounds away! It sounds scary but the only scary word in that sentence was OBESE! I've lost a $hit ton of weight since the beginning of my journey, so nothing scares me! I'll also be at a special pound lost in 17 pounds----- SESENTA! holy mother! (jeesh, learn spanish already peeps,I totally didn't Google that).

* My dog Beanka is seriously the coolest dog ever.

I spend most of my off time now cuddling with my daughter.

* This girl can SING, I just found out she was on Ellen too! She makes me want to learn all kinds of songs on the freakin piano so I can start dueting with her. tehhe.

*speaking of piano, I rock at it, OH YEAH! I can play Jingle bells! Don't be jealous.

* Last and least, I bought two pairs of shorts and two shirts from Old Navy...yup gotta break that to the husband he's gonna kill me!


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Mollie said...

I watched that video the other day when you posted it, she is really good!! and your dog is adorable...but I've been down that road before. After we get rid of the cat, or she runs away or gets old or whatnot, there will be no more animals other than fish for us. SERIOUSLY!