Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eating My Homework!

Happy Halloween everybody! I love Halloween!  This year I went as a kitty cat and I was handing out candy going "Meow meow" to all the kiddos. It was so fun!

I paid for my late night by sleeping in this morning and then giving myself a heart attack. This is the second time this week that I've overslept. I had a full plate today so I couldn't waste anytime. Breakfast was savored while working on a research project.

Delicious fresh pot of coffee and a slice of toast with egg, cheddar and smoked paprika= heaven for breakfast.

Smoked paprika mimics bacon in the most vegetarian friendly way!

My last two meals of the day were actually homework driven! Meaning they had to do with a couple of different projects! Talk about killing three birds with one stone (satiety, homework and da blog!)

This is a peanut butter, chocolate protein smoothie. Also known as a funky monkey because of the frozen banana I put in it. A little goes a long way calorie wise, but I can dig it. Lunch it is!

Dinner was for that research project I was telling you about earlier. My dear husband went out and bought me this blue plate, (my project has to do with reducing Alzheimer's patients malnutrition through color contrasting plates and food items) Marc is so sweet to me.

This is a ricotta and spinach filled ravioli with a mushroom and soy protein Bolognese (it's supposed to look like beef, did I pull it off?), roasted acorn squash on the side.
Since I woke up so late, I felt like I had wasted valuable time that I could have spent at the library (my original plan). I was so frustrated until Marc and I decided to move my desk in the bedroom. Sometimes living in 600 sq. feet is hard to find a place for "you". I can proudly say that I've accomplished quite a bit off of my to do list, and tomorrow can be mostly R&R.  

As a gift, Marc bought me a lamp to put on my desk to help me feel more at home in my new desk spot. I love it, it feels very "library-esque". I guess I didn't have to go to the library after all!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? What was the best costume you saw?

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Lorrie Haley said...

Looks like you are doing pretty well with your diet. All the food you make looks delicious! I was also a cat for Halloween! My co-worker did my face paint and sewed me a tail! I didn't take a picture of it though. I mostly wore a costume because I thought my customers and co-workers would get a kick out of it. I'ts nice to put smiles on peoples faces =).