Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three Squares: Wolf Peach

Welcome to a special three squares event where I get to rave about one of my favorite restaurants: Wolf Peach!

 Before we get ahead of ourselves let's run through the other meals that made up a very long day. I left my house at 6:30 this morning and just got home around 8:45. PHEW! Breakfast came in the form of a biscuit, Colby jack and an egg with some red pepper. Coffee on the side, yum.

At lunch I was feeling very stressed out, so it was a good idea to eat outside and enjoy the breeze. This curried pumpkin coconut soup helped relieve the tension, especially with the rosemary crackers on the side.

Now on to the main event, Wolf Peach! I had never been here before, but I will be back ASAP. A couple of my friends and I were going to a cooking class tonight, but we wanted to relax and have some food before the main event. 

We caught happy hour and it was amazing. I got to try all three drinks (grapefruit rosemary mix, a whisky apple mix, and mine was a lavender infused vodka!), they were all perfect in their own way. Stroke of genius. Give that bartender a raise! Lavender was my favorite, which is good since I ordered it!

We decided to order a few different plates to try new things. This first one is a great mix between creamy smoky sauce, beautifully charred tofu and a slightly acidic and vinegary romanesco. Breathtaking.

Our next food adventure was a pizza bread, which had some gorgeously fresh tomatoes under this mountain of cheese. Wish you could see the bubbling in this picture!

Here's the bread to load up the sauce on. It was very comforting and balanced. Great dish.

I was really enjoying myself, so I decided to get a beer. I love happy hour! I love IPA's!

Last but not least, my favorite of the day! Crispy cauliflower featuring chickpeas and olives. I loved this so much, I could eat it every day!

Can you just look at this? Seriously! Give me more! Everything on the menu looked absolutely amazing, plus delicious meat options for those in your party who aren't veg-heads.

Go to Wolf Peach! Seriously, it's hard to find a restaurant with lots of vegetarian options that doesn't taste like cardboard. Eat here, you'll never miss meat again!

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