Saturday, June 30, 2012


Perfectly sunshine yellow day :)

Lunch was good too :) tuna salad with dill from my garden in a simple lemon vinegrette, crackers and veggies light ranch to dip! Now where's my cookie?

What did you have for lunch? What color day is it for you? See you guys later!


AmberDawn said...

That looks delicious!Love all the sunny and bright!

Emily said...

I found your blog on the blog list at Runs for Cookies. I looked at your before photos and I think you may be my doppelganger! I have lost 101 and have at least 60 more to go. At least I know what I'll look like skinny now! Congrats on your weight loss!

Czesia said...

Gah I can't see your picture emily!!! You gotta lemme see you my doppleganger!

Emily said...

You can find my blog at
I have a photo tab there.