Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Best Sandwich

Now, I know this breakfast isn't the most appetizing one. However, smoked paprika scrambled eggs with red pepper and baby Bella mushrooms are nothing to turn your fork at... unless your fork is turning in, towards the delicious eggs. There is nothing more filling to me than eggs and veggies, I was thankful to be satiated this morning.

Does it skeeve you out to see someone else's bite out of food? If so I'm sorry! I almost forgot to take a picture. This amazing sandwich is on german dark wheat bread with olive hummus, tomato, arugula and tofurkey hickory. I don't care what anyone says, tofurkey (can be) delicious... do yourself a favor and buy the hickory smoked.  mI also had some leftover gazpacho and a la Croix. Snacks at work were peanuts and cottage cheese with blackberries- both delicious!

Dinner was really good! Another vegetariantimes.com recipe called crunchy stuffed zucchini. I didn't do the yogurt/potato chip topping but instead did raw milk sharp cheddar and Italian breadcrumbs. MMM!
Best part? Leftovers for lunch!
Marc, Bean and I walked the beach and we enjoyed playing a game called 20 questions, celebrity edition. Overall great day.

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