Friday, June 20, 2014

What's New Baby Boo?

Hi guys!

I wanted to update you on various things.

I had originally planned n a Father's day post but tried to keep my mind busy packing things and putting things away to give to charity. Why, you might ask? More on that later. I just wanted to start by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who gave me an apple pie recipe. On the day of, I just couldn't do it. The image of me sitting at home by myself eating pie was just off-putting. I'll be making a pie when I have people around to enjoy it. Marc had to work that day, and everyone else was visiting with their Dads (as they should be). The next best thing? Apple candle, this is a nice one and helps me in a ritualistic type of way. I think of a memory with my Dad and light the candle.
So you might be asking yourself, packing? What's going on? Well Ladies and Gents, the "D" family is moving..
To our own semi-local slice of paradise, yep this will be my backyard. Source

Oh yes, this is my backyard as well...source
My goal is to enjoy "my backyard" as much as possible, hopefully everyday. It'll be worth the commute that I will be making.
Also, I'm moving into a cottage of sorts (okay a 1950's revamped garage, who's counting) but I will be updating with pictures and videos of our new 600 square foot nest.
Lastly, my hair she be a growin'! I am very happy that my hair grows pretty quickly. I've already chopped the back a few times, but just a few more inches and I'll have the length I originally asked for. Did you miss my hair disaster? Check out this blog entry (my most popular to date post, thanks guys for wanting to see me with a terrifying haircut haha!)
Thanks again for tuning in, and keep on checking in to see more about our July 1st move!


Amanda said...

Love that we're moving a month apart. :D Can't wait to post pictures of my new area too! :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Jealous of your stomping grounds!!!