Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mission Impossible

Marc should be calling me any minute to accept or decline his mission. A mission he has never attempted before...


This recipe is tried and true (I made it for 3 big dudes hauling a huge piano up a flight of stairs when we lived in an apartment, they didn't kill me afterwards, so it must have been a success).

When a girl wants brownies from her man...who is at home while she is working...must accept the challenge.

So let's see what happens!

In other news, I am almost complete in learning Mad World by Gary Jules on the piano. This music is just to tied me over until I start lessons May 7th! YAY!

On Friday we saw a really funny musical, for my music appreciation class, called "The Great American Trailer Park Musical". Super funny!

We had different a different cast, but man it was funny, especially because it was based in STARKE FLORIDA! It was filled with all the funny stereotypes that come with redneck trailer parks...loved it.

I'm on spring break for the next week and I can promise you I will be pretending I'm in Cabo, even if I am still working!



Mollie said...

Brownies sound so good right now! I guess I'll have to settle for a swiss roll, which is so not the same!

I want to get a keyboard so bad...I took lessons briefly when I was like 7, and am now regretting now sticking to it. So I want to reteach myself. =)

Czeshia said...

Swiss rolls are friggin awesome though! I'm so excited to start lessons!!